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Excel Matrix Multiplication

Faster Matrix Mulitplication

As a followup for our recent Matrix Multiplication post here, I would like to share with you a faster query for Matrix Multiplication (Faster only relative to the previous ones I shared. Excel is probably not the best tool for big matrices, and you may still need to use other tools such as R).

I would like to thank Imke Feldmann and Bill Szysz for sharing their queries. It turns out that the use of List.Generate is quite slow in comparison to the native Power Query transformations that we will share today.

Note: If you are an advanced Power Query practitioner, you can skip to the end of this blog to see the final M expression, and download the workbook sample.

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Excel Matrix Multiplication – Replacing MMULT with Power Query

In my last Thank You post, I suggested that Matrix multiplication is not Excel’s forte. Following that post, I got a cool Power Query solution from Imke Feldmann, author of, that performs matrix multiplication with Power Query.

So today I decided to share with you my version of a Matrix Multiplication using Power Query. I am looking forward to hear your comments.

Before we start, if you insist on using Excel for matrix multiplication, let’s explain why you should consider the Power Query option instead of the array formula MMULT in Excel.

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