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Excel for Security Analysts – Episode 1

(By: Gil Raviv. Originally published here)

In this walkthrough we will show step-by-step how to turn web traffic logs (W3C Extended Log File Format) into a powerful security analytics workbook. To watch other episodes of Excel for Security Analysts go here.

Web traffic logs are generated by web proxies and application firewalls to track inbound and outbound traffic and report detection of viruses or unapproved content.

Using Excel 2016, we will import the file, shape it with the Query Editor which is based on Power Query technology, load it to the Data Model and get security insights with PivotTable and DAX formula.

Ready to go?

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My Calendar Insights in Excel 2016

This week we have announced on Office Blogs the release of 3 new Excel templates that harness advanced data analytics technologies in Excel 2016:

  • Power Query (Excel 2016 new get-data and transformation features that are available in the Get & Transform section of the Data tab).
  • Power Pivot measures.

You are welcome to try out the new templates and examine their queries and DAX formulas. The templates are available in File –> New section of Excel 2016.


If you can’t find the template in File –> New, you can download it from TechNet Gallery here.

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