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May 2016

DataChant is 6 month old

Thank you for following my blog. I wanted to write something personal today to celebrate the blog’s 6 month milestone.

I started this blog 6 months ago after two great years as a senior program manager at Microsoft Excel team. With my amazing wife, who got an exciting opportunity in her pharmaceutical company’s headquarters, and four kids, we moved to Chicagoland.

As I am still waiting for my US work permit (should arrive any day), blogging here at was one of the things that have been keeping me sane – Especially during the last three months where the relocation-related errands subsided.

When I wasn’t blogging, or playing Fallout 4 (OMG, this game is addicting), I was advancing my knowledge in Machine Learning with a highly recommended online course from Stanford University here. Initially I considered to find some scenarios where Excel can replace Matlab, but it was too frustrating to use Excel for such scenarios (When you start using Excel to perform matrix multiplication, it’s probably the time to switch to other tools).

So 6 months have passed with 32 posts, 10,460 views and 5,365 unique visitors. I am not sure if these numbers are big for you (some of you are greater bloggers), but I am really humbled by the thought that so many people have been visiting my blog. So big thank you!


What’s coming next?

Once I get my work permit, I will start my private consulting business. I already got my first big contract, and I am excited to start it soon. I am also looking for my next dream job in Product Management, Software Engineering and Data Analytics domains at Greater Chicago area, so if you hear anything interesting, you know where to find me 🙂

See you in the next blog post, and thank you for following



Analyze Linkedin Company Page with Excel and Power BI

Your company’s page on Linkedin is a treasure trove of insightful data. In today’s post I will show you how to import this data to Excel or Power BI Desktop.

In my posts here and here, we focused on the companies-search Linkedin API call, which allowed us to extract companies by specific specialties/domains and perform analysis of industry, geolocation and correlation between different specialties.

Today we will focus on your company page on Linkedin, and learn how to extract your company’s status updates, their likes and comments, and the persons who were engaged with your page.

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Linkedin Company Search with Power BI

Today I wanted to share with you a Power BI dashboard that allows you to search in Linkedin for companies with certain specialty.

To make it relevant for you, the dashboard shows the landscape of the companies that provide consulting services on Power BI.


If you work in such a company, make sure your company is represented in this dashboard 🙂

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May the 4th Be With You

For the fans of Star Wars, you might have already stumbled upon my previous post: Star Wars – The Power (BI) Awakens, so today for the special occasion of May 4th, I updated the Power BI Desktop file here.

You can also open it in your browser here, but before you do – here are some questions that are answered by Power BI:

  1. Which character has the highest BMI? (It is easy relatively easy to guess, but you should really check out the top third character).
  2. Which character does appear in all the seven films?

You can download the .pbix file here and check out the queries that were used to prepare the report. Also check out for hosting the REST API.





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