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February 2016

How the new Facebook like buttons: love, haha, wow, sad and angry affect your Power Query reports

Few days ago Facebook introduced 5 new response buttons to enrich our engagement options. Clicking the “like” button is no longer the only option on Facebook, your fans can now respond with “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” and “angry” reactions to your company’s posts.

If you analyze your brand on Facebook, you are probably wondering now how to measure the new reactions. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could add the different reactions to our reports, and compare positive / negative  reactions?

For those of you who analyze fan engagement using Facebook Graph API, and use Excel, Power Query or Power BI to import the number of likes from your page posts, please continue reading to understand how you are affected. Because you are (to give you a hint – here we could use a sad or angry Facebook button to reflect the current situation).

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Facebook page insights with Power BI – Part 2

On my last blog post here we built a dashboard that analyzes the count & geolocation of users who talk about Power BI, Tableau or Qlik on facebook. In today’s post we will take the dashboard one step further and provide insights on the trend of each brand over the last 90 days.

Follow this tutorial to know how to analyze the trends of multiple brands. In our exmaple – We analyze the people who are talking about Power BI, Tableau & Qlik.

Click the screenshot to access Power BI Dashboard
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Facebook page insights with Power BI

As promised here, today I will walk you through the creation of a powerful brand analysis dashboard with Power BI Desktop which connects to Facebook page insights data.

Before we start, you can see the result here.

Recently, the Power BI team have published a tutorial that analyzes pages on Facebook. While the official tutorial showed you the basics, it didn’t drill down into Facebook page insights, which hold additional crucial data for marketers. To gain more from your Power BI and better analyze your brand, we will tap into Facebook pages’ insight information, and create a dashboard that compares between different brands. Even those you don’t manage 🙂

The dashboard that we will prepare can be accessed here (I wish I could embed it here, but this blog is hosted on, and embedding of Power BI iframe elements is not supported). To download the actual Power BI Desktop file click here.

Here are the main elements we will focus on this tutorial:

  1. Load dynamic country codes (You will see why we need it later)
  2. Import Facebook Insights from Power BI page
  3. Transform the query into a function that can load any brand from Facebook
  4. Combine insights from multiple brands. In our case: Power BI, Tableau & Qlik
  5. Analyze fans by county and brand

So let’s get started 🙂
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Fans of Power BI vs. Tableau vs. Qlik

Finally, Power Query works with Facebook insights. I will soon blog about this topic in more details. Till then, here is a short glimpse of a dashboard that compares between the number of fans of Power BI versus Tableau & Qlik (I didn’t embed it because my blog is on, and the site doesn’t support yet iframe from


The bottom line – If you are a Power BI fan, go to Power BI page on facebook and click the Like button. Tableau is leading with 95K fans, while Power BI is second with 44K.

Follow my blog to learn more on analyzing facebook page insights with Excel & Power BI.

Update: I have added a Slicer 🙂

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