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December 2015

#PowerQuery: New Calendar Template with Categories and better Recurring calc

I have updated the Calendar Template to include Categories and better calculation of recurring meetings.

Calendar Template v2.2

Note: This is no longer the official template under File–>New, but an improved one. Microsoft may consider using it in the future version, but I am no longer there to push it through 🙂

Help me improve it by sharing your feedbacks.

Happy new year!



My first blog, Chicago and Bye Bye Excel IL

Earlier this year, I published my first blog post on here. It was a big step for me as a new blogger, and Rob and Avi were very kind to let me run my stunt on their awesome blog.

The blog post described how to use Power Query to import data from Linkedin. It walked you through the import & transformation steps for a dashboard that provides cool competitive analysis insights. Read more here.

I was at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago when that first blog post was published on PowerPivotPro. I mention Chicago, because this city is going to play a crucial role in my life.

Two months after the Chicago conference, I had decided to start my own blog on TechNet (here), and got a perfect excuse to blog again about my previous Linkedin post as PowerPivotPro mentioned my post as the #6 fastest post to receive 1000 views (here).

Next week I am about to leave the amazing Excel team at Microsoft Israel, and will move to Chicago to start new adventures. I have decided to continue my blogging here on Data Chant, and will gradually copy and polish some of my old stuff from TechNet as well.

For all my friends in Excel, and Power BI, keep on the amazing work. I am proud of our combined achievements on Excel 2016, and will surely miss you.

Excel Sticker

Stay tuned for lots of new great stuff. Next blog will be from Chicago.



Star Wars – The Power (BI) Awakens


This blog post is dedicated for Power BI and Star Wars fans.

The Star Wars movie is released tomorrow. For the special occasion, I created a Power BI Report that can be used to showcase the awesomeness of Power BI on Star Wars character data.


You can download the Power BI Desktop file here, and if you are an Power BI Jedi, feel free to use it to build great reports and share with your customers and colleagues.

The report uses a web service, SWAPI – The Star Wars API to import all the characters from Star Wars, it then appends multiple JSON pages (here you can learn how to do it with query functions), calculates their BMI, and builds relationship between characters and species to get further insights by species.

Enjoy. Looking forward to seeing cool data visualizations on Power BI with this data.

Following the release of the Publish-to-Web feature on (here), I wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, still doesn’t support Power BI iframe objects, so the result is disappointing:

My Unpivot series just got published on Office Blogs here. Enjoy reading 🙂

My Calendar Insights in Excel 2016

This week we have announced on Office Blogs the release of 3 new Excel templates that harness advanced data analytics technologies in Excel 2016:

  • Power Query (Excel 2016 new get-data and transformation features that are available in the Get & Transform section of the Data tab).
  • Power Pivot measures.

You are welcome to try out the new templates and examine their queries and DAX formulas. The templates are available in File –> New section of Excel 2016.


If you can’t find the template in File –> New, you can download it from TechNet Gallery here.

Continue reading “My Calendar Insights in Excel 2016”

Hello World

imageThis is my first blogpost on DataChant. My still-secret place to chant about data analytics.

My name is Gil Raviv. I am a senior program manager in Microsoft Excel team (well, till the end of the year, if we need to be accurate). For the past two years I was fortunate to work with some of the smartest people I have known, and together we have broughy Power Query into Excel 2016 (among many other BI goodness).

To share the journey with you, I started a TechNet blog here to share interesting walkthroughs, tips and tricks on Power Query, the new Get-Data stack in Excel.

On January I am moving with my family to Chicago, and will leave Microsoft to start my new adventures as a trailing spouse (well at least till we settle-in).

My blog will move with me.

See you soon here.

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